More Blitz Prize Winners!

Winners were drawn at the Cub Fall Campout this weekend. The following Scouts who had turned in a filled-up form, will each receive a $25 gift card! Great work – keep selling!

Jared Echelberry, Troop 122
Dyllon Ault, Pack 122
James Ferrell, Troop 122
Gary Potts, Troop 164
Ryan Snyder, Pack 328

We also drew 4 additional ‘reverse’ blitz winners. These four Scouts have until Friday the 24th to turn in a filled-up sheet and they will receive a $25 gift card. Get busy selling:

Chevy McCoy, Pack 98
Jesse Savage, Pack 132
Cooper Lowe, Pack 350
Orion Hughes Pack 164

Remember, there is one more drawing planned for Friday the 24th. You still have a chance to be a winner. Submit a copy of your filled-up take order form by 5pm the 24th and your in the drawing!

First Week Blitz Winners Announced

Following the Saturday night feast at the Boy Scout Boot Camp camporee, time was taken to draw 10 Popcorn Blitz Week winners.  Any Scout who had submitted a filled-up take-order form by Friday the 10th at 5:00 PM was entered in the drawing. Winners receive a $25 Wal Mart Gift card.  Congratulations to these winners:

C Matthews          Troop 409          R reneker          Troop 424                                   N Moulton            Troop 164          S Hartman         Troop 164                                   D Brooks              Crew 510           B Pealer            Pack 339                                   C Dille                  P-288                 E Adkins            Pack 339                                     B Muncie              Pack 340           A McConnell      Troop 122
We also drew four ‘Reverse Blitz’ winners.  These four have one week to turn in a filled-up sheet and they will earn their $25 gift card:
G Brooks             Troop 510            C McClain         Troop 406                                   Z Corder              Troop 412            T Hardy             Troop 344
Our next drawing will be done at the Cub Scout Fall Campout, Saturday, October 18th. Filled take-order forms must be turned in to the Council Service Center by 5:00 PM Friday, October 17th.  There will be five winners drawn. Four more reverse blitz winners will also be drawn.
Get out there and sell!  Turn in your filled-up forms and you can be a winner!

University of Scouting is Coming Up!


Parents and Leaders, the 2015 University of Scouting is rapidly approaching! You do not want to miss out on this great opportunity for learning and fellowship! If you need ideas, more in depth training, or would like to learn new skills from qualified and knowledgeable leaders this is the place. You can click HERE for the registration form to insure your seat in the classes of your choice!

Youth Protection Highlight:

The safety of Scouts in the program must be our highest priority!  With the approach of our fall camping season, here is an important reminder:

Separate accommodations: When camping, no youth is permitted to sleep in the tent of an adult other than his own parent or guardian.  (That means ‘Legal’ guardian.) 

If a Cub Scout is attending a camp-out with anyone other than his parent or legal guardian, he should share a tent with another Cub Scout while the adults sleep in their own tents.

For more information on the Youth Protection Policies of the BSA, take the youth protection training course accessible by clicking the link in the menu at the top of this page.

Big News for MVSR!

Tuesday, September 30, at 11:00 am will mark the beginning of a new era at the Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation.  Thanks to the incredible generosity of many foundations, companies and individuals, we will be breaking ground on a $500,000 expansion of the Dining Hall.  The expansion will nearly double the size of the seating area finally allowing us to have all campers comfortably under one roof for meals and programs.

The project is expected to take 6-7 months and will be complete in time for Summer Camp.  In addition to simply expanding the seating area, the entire building will get new siding and a new metal roof.

Everyone is invited to join us at the dining hall Tues., Sept. 30 at 11am for the groundbreaking ceremony.